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Business Philosophy

TPNG is a delivery-focused management consultancy noted for our pragmatism and integrity in meeting client expectations.  

Since 2005 we have been assisting clients across a broad spectrum of industries in South Africa with their planning, enabling, delivering and monitoring of strategy and related plans.

We work together with experienced and specialist associates when necessary to assure highly effective interventions.

Strategy creation
Business strategies
Client strategies
Sales strategies

Business review
Review of strategy
Review of procurement function
Review of business units
Review of business development effort

Client and staff perception
Causal analysis
Current and desired state analysis

Refining the plan from grand strategy to delivery plan
Direction to business
An informed and implementable plan
Stakeholder commitment
Definition and management of business culture
Team cohesion

Definition of common purpose
“Insights” to self and colleagues’ personal preferences enables powerful team performance

Learning and development
Five Fingered Rule Program for personal financial wellbeing.
Finance for non-finance managers.
Project Management
Performance Management
Skilled and focused managers and staff
Project and Program management
Driving implementation
Supplementary staffing

Project Managers
Process Analysts
Business Implementation agents
Implementation of plans
Improved business value
Successful businesses and their leaders

Identifying and designing measures of performance
Qualitative and quantitative measurement and analysis

Tracking of progress
Input to planning
Input to continuous improvement

What we do

A. Facilitation
B. Strategy development
C. Strategy implementation
D. Causal analysis and Intervention proposal
E. Reward and recognition design
F. Teaching
G. Adult Learning and Development
H. Corporate Communication
I. Research
J. Innovation

A. Facilitation

  1. Business strategy - taking advantage of the wisdom of your staff and benefitting from the experience of an independent facilitator.
  2. Joint client strategy - co-developing a joint strategy with your client to assure a profitable and sustainable relationship with your client.
  3. Agreement and communication of group values and behaviors.
  4. Executive team cohesion - conflict in an executive team is counter-productive.  By defining a common purpose and jointly committing to future types of behaviour, we are able to focus executive teams to function to the best of their ability.

B. Strategy development

  1. Research
  2. Interviews
  3. Proposal

C. Strategy implementation

Research has shown that businesses do not fail for lack of planning; they fail for lack of implementation.  While a sound plan is the starting point for any business success, the implementation of the plan is paramount thereafter. 

TPNG not only provides participative, engaging and action-orientated strategy creation, we encourage all clients to take advantage of our follow-up implementation support.

    • Implementation, project planning
    • Monitoring
    • Acting as SME (Subject matter expert) in Organisational Structure, Marketing and New business
    • The TPNG Implementation Process

    • D. Causal analysis and Intervention proposal

      1. Structured approach to understanding causes for under performance
      2. Proposed suite of interventions to enable performance improvement

      E. Reward and recognition design

      1. A vital aspect of high performing people is consistent and regular consequences of performance.  We refer to this as “managing for performance”.  Consequences include monetary and non-monetary consequences and may range from a simple acknowledgement of behaviour to monetary incentive rewards.  In a high performance corporate culture, recognizing the negative consequences of poor performance is as important as recognizing good performance.

      This includes:

      1. Market research
      2. Incentive bonus design
      3. Non-cash incentives

      F. Teaching

      1. GIBS (Gordon’s Institute of Business Science). Part time faculty –Finance and Economics, Strategy and Business Risk
      2. Business sustainability – King II Report

      G. Adult Learning and Development

      1. The Five Fingered Rule: a classroom-based program developed to assist employees and businesses in addressing the problem of excessive indebtedness.

      H. Corporate Communication

      Communication of strategy throughout the organization using a number of media types such as:

      1. Internal newsletters
      2. Presentations
      3. Websites

      I. Research

      1. Electronic surveys - design and execution
      2. Personal Interviews
      3. Traditional desk research

      J. Innovation

      ”Just as energy is the basis of life itself, and ideas the source of innovation, so is innovation the vital spark of all human change, improvement and progress.”
      Theodore Levitt

      One of TPNG’s key strengths is the ability to apply innovative thinking to all business problems. 

      Examples of innovative solutions include:

        1. Introduction of new business channel to a listed assurer.
          • Confirming business opportunity and gaining commitment to proceed
          • Driving the process
          • Facilitation of strategy
          • Building the business case
        2. Proposal and set-up of group learning academy
          • Input from group companies
          • Design of operating model
          • Implementation of operating model
        3. TPNG Business Sustainability Index
        4. Proposal, design and implementation of a business sustainability unit
        5. Workshop design.



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