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THE FIVE FINGERED PROGRAM - Use your money wisely


The influence of an employee’s financial wellbeing on his/her personal effectiveness in the workplace is well known and well understood.  While most people aim to achieve financial independence, failure in this regard is all too common.  As devastating as this failure is for individuals and their families, businesses are left to manage the resulting barrage of garnishee orders and subsequent low morale of their staff.  Understanding this scenario which is widespread across many industries in South Africa, TPNG has developed the “Five Fingered Rule” program to help individuals and businesses address this ever-increasing problem.


To provide life skills that empower staff to understand, manage, control and grow their personal finances in an effective and sustainable manner.

To assist participants with practical skills to get out and stay out of debt.

The program is not designed to rescue staff with financial difficulties but rather to equip them with knowledge so they may better understand their financial situation and consider options of helping themselves, if they choose to do so.


To support the Company with practical insights to assist their staff in managing their personal financial affairs.


The Five Fingered Rule: TPNG facilitator presenting the course
The program uses the image of a hand with the five fingers representing the main “rules” of financial freedom. The palm signifies the important concepts of accountability and consequences which underpin these rules.
The program is conducted in the language of the majority of the participants.
The following topics are covered in the program through facilitator presentations, story-telling, group discussion, role-play, personal reflection and participant interaction with the facilitator and each other:

  1. The concept of personal accountability and living with the consequences of one’s actions and choices.
  2. The effect of financial stress on the employee, his/her family and the Company.
  3. The implications for the employee and his/her family of being financially independent and debt-free.
  4. Introduction of the Five Fingered Rule:
    1. Rule no 1:  Be honest with yourself and your family about your current financial situation. 
    2. Rule no 2:  Know what you earn.
    3. Rule no 3:  Know what you spend and why
    4. Rule no 4: Get out of trouble and stay out of trouble
    5. Rule no 5: Building a better life and planning for the future

Owing to the universal nature of debt, The Five Fingered Rule program has been successfully implemented across many industries.  We are currently rolling out the programme to employees in the mining industry with great success.

Some comments from miners who attended a recent course:

“I love this course because it guides you for the future”
“I am very happy because I learn a lot about budget, how to plan my salary”
“What I learnt today is if you want to make things work for you, you have to work hard and even though sometimes it's not so easy.”
“I am very happy and I have learnt a lot about money because it causes problems to my life”



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