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Business Philosophy

James DentonJames Denton: CEO and Lead Consultant

James’ qualifications include a BCom degree (Rhodes University) in Accounting and Economics; a postgraduate qualification in Tax (Wits University) and an MBA from the University of Cape Town.  He has spent more than twenty-five years consulting to businesses across a variety of industry sectors and is well recognised as a highly accomplished strategist and popular facilitator.  The combination of academic achievement, keen business acumen and extensive experience creates a powerful consulting intervention.

As CEO of TPNG, James applies his broad-based experience in designing and implementing customised solutions to business problems. The underpinning of all TPNG consulting is the understanding that business objectives can only be achieved by changing the way people behave.

On a personal level, James has been married for twenty-five years with two grown-up children.  He is an active participant in life: cycling, hiking, paddling, enjoying a good book and eating out. Constantly learning and being part of this exciting 21st century is what makes life stimulating for James.

Laura BowringLaura Bowring: Adult Learning Specialist

Laura’s specialisation is Adult Learning and Development.  Her qualifications include a BA (University of Natal); Postgraduate Higher Diploma in Education (University of Natal); Advanced Certificate in Adult Education (UCT) and is currently completing her Master’s Degree specialising in Adult Education at the University of Cape Town.

After teaching for many years at a High School in Gauteng in the early years of her career, Laura worked in the corporate world where she gained invaluable experience in management, publishing, sales, training and facilitation.  Her passion for learning led her into the exciting field of Adult Education.  Laura brings to TPNG specialist knowledge of Adult Learning from training and facilitation in the workplace to developing material for training interventions across a broad spectrum of industries.

Laura is married with two adult children and in her spare time enjoys playing a hard game of tennis, hiking, cycling, theatre-going and reading. 

Working with Selected Associates
When required, TPNG works with associates specifically selected for their particular expertise and experience in their specialised fields.  This collaboration, with TPNG co-ordinating and managing the process, ensures clients’ objectives and expectations are successfully fulfilled.



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